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Bull market or bear market, there’s always a way to make a buck. And this is what The Weekly Score is all about.

We are sector-agnostic, focusing only on quick trading opportunities. No bells, no whistles, just quick money. 

I’m proud to say that since launching Weekly Score, I’ve produced stock picks with an unheard-of 82% win rate. 

That means at least 8 out of every 10 stocks I’ve turned my members onto have been winners!

And we’re only just getting started.

Look, I regularly chat with CEOs of new startups...

And have lunch with multimillion-dollar venture capitalists.

I visit labs and manufacturing plants and talk with innovators who are designing brand-new technologies...

And I have executives from some of the largest firms in the world as part of my network.

I take everything I learn from my network of insiders...

And I refine all that information into the most hard-hitting investment ideas that my readers can turn into massive portfolio growth.

And I have to say, so far, it’s been working out great.

I’ve gotten my readers into huge stock moves like:

  • 3,015% on Canopy Growth Corporation
  • 1,185% on OrganiGram Holdings
  • 1,174% on Aphria Inc.
  • 821% on Innovative Industrial Properties
  • 328% on Mettrum Health Corp.
  • 159% on Greenbriar Capital Corp.
  • 153% on Captiva Verde
  • Another 112% on Aphria Inc.
  • 108% on Khiron Life Sciences
  • 109% on Red White & Bloom

And that’s just to name a few.

Having this network opens the door to opportunities that 99% of investors don’t even know exist...

Companies that are so unique and so disruptive that they could potentially explode for 1,000% gains or higher.

Thanks to my network, I get my readers into trends well before the herd and even well before Wall Street hotshots — trends like renewable energy, electric vehicles, cryptocurrencies, biotech, and cannabis.

And as a Weekly Score member, you’ll receive a new trade with explosive upside potential every single week!

Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to set yourself up for extraordinary profits — the kind that could help you achieve complete financial freedom...

Join us today.

To your wealth,

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Jeff Siegel
Investment Director, Green Chip Stocks

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